Sugar And Spice And All Those Lies

Chanterelles garnished with cream and mayhem.

Gina learns cooking a great meal is an art. An act of love. A life-affirming gift. Born poor, this granddaughter of a French chef thinks she’s a nobody who gets lucky. Cooking for a Michelin restaurant opens a world of new challenges, new friends. But danger lurks where one never expects it.

Can her passion for cooking help Gina survive and thrive in this world of privilege, pleasure and menace?



About the Book


Cooking a wonderful meal is an art. An act of love. An act of grace. A gift that affirms and gives life—not only does it nurture those who partake of the meal; it also feeds the soul of the creator. These are lessons Gina learns from her mother, daughter of an unfortunate French chef.

Gina is a young woman born to poor parents, a nobody keen to taste life outside the world she was born into. A world that exposes her to fascinating people gripped by dark motives. Her passion for cooking is all she has to help her navigate it.

She gets lucky when she’s chosen to cook at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area where customers belong to a privileged class with money to spare for a dinner of inventive dishes costing hundreds of dollars. In this heady, scintillating atmosphere, she meets new friends and new challenges—pastry chef Marcia, filthy rich client Leon, and Brent, a brooding homicide detective. This new world, it turns out, is also one of unexpected danger.

Can the lessons Gina learned from her mother about cooking and life help her survive and thrive in this other world of privilege, pleasure, and menace?



Author: Evy Journey
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 9780996247443 (Print soft cover)