Between Two Worlds (Book Series)

Between Two Worlds, a series about negotiating separate realities, is a family saga that takes us into the world of Agnieszka Halverson and her children Elise and Justin. In three tales of loss, love, second chances, and finding one’s way, three strong women cope with issues contemporary women face. Three love tales with a twist of mystery, the healing power of music, and international political intrigue.

Book 1: Hello, My Love

Hello My Love:Elise tries to reconcile the often clashing demands of a satisfying career and a compelling relationship.

Book 2: Hello Agnieszka

Hello Agnieszka: young Agnieszka, immersed in the values and rituals of a Polish culture, learns to balance her roots with mainstream American culture.

Book 3: Welcome Reluctant Stranger

Welcome Reluctant Stranger:
Leilani crosses lands and two quite different cultures at a very young age. While she easily fits into her adapted culture, she must reacquaint herself with her roots.

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